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Custom Plan for Listing & Marketing

Each client, home, property and situation require a custom plan to bring to the market.  From investment property listing to ultra-luxury, each listing & marketing plan is geared toward finding the right market segment and perfect buyer!

Complete Marketing Program



Global Sotheby's 



Market Expertise

Effective marketing has nuances that need to be understood and embraced. Not every marketing and advertising effort will produce the same results, so need to be fine-tuned for each transaction and client. My background in advertising, marketing and sales have given me extremely good focus, understanding and tools to be extremely successful.


Like balls in the air, or kites flying in the wind, you need to have a variety of tools to reach all your potential customers in all the mediums. Marketing should not be a simple series of steps, but a plan intentionally created and implemented.


Sotheby's International Realty has the global reach to instantly connect with markets around the world at the touch of a button. Along with buyers across the globe having instant access to properties represented by Sotheby's offices, the unparalleled marketing scope is swift, thorough, effective and professional.


•Local print media

•Professional graphic design marketing materials

•Social media

•Online through all major real estate portals

•Outstanding pictures for print and web

•Aerial photography when appropriate

•Property specific website when appropriate

•Media exclusive partnerships

•Public and Brokers open houses

•Complete and transparent marketing plan

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